Japan Math’s Homeschool Program

What kind of math skills do you want your learner to have?

Skills that are simply based on rote memorization, or ones that are carefully built to create a strong mathematical foundation?  Skills that will set your learner up for success - not just in school, but in life?

With the Homeschool starter pack, Japan Math offers you a program that goes beyond the typical homeschool math curriculum to develop a deeper understanding of problem-solving. 

Introducing the Japan Math Homeschool Starter Pack!

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Explore Our Starter Pack 

You’ve already made the choice that ensures your child will get an attentive, personalized, and high-quality education. Now, with the Japan Math Homeschool curriculum, you can set the groundwork for your child to gain the problem-solving and math expertise they need to succeed. Here's what's included in every Japan Math Homeschool Starter Pack: 

Homeschool Lesson Book

With 150 lessons inside, our Japan Math Homeschool Lesson Book is the central element of our program. It serves as both a textbook and a notebook where students can track their personal thought process and explanations. Each unit is composed of Japan Math’s method: Try, Understand, Apply and Master. These four steps focus on problem-solving and building skills based on previously-learned concepts. The Lesson Book will create a strong foundation for beginning math skills. (Available for Kindergarten and Grade 1 in English and Spanish)


Homeschool Workbook

The Japan Math Homeschool Workbook provides ample opportunities for practicing problems that correspond with each new concept in the Lesson Book. In the Workbook, students can apply the new skills they’ve learned on challenging, thought-provoking problems. The workbook ensures your learner has a practical, comprehensive understanding of the new concepts being taught. (Available for Kindergarten and Grade 1 in English and Spanish)


Homeschool Math Block Set

The Japan Math Block Set is an essential tool for helping your learners gain an understanding of number concepts. They serve as a bridge between concrete, everyday objects and the abstract concepts used in mathematics. It has been proven to have a significant effect on students’ acquisition of various operations and skills and is an integral part of their success in the Japan Math program. 

*The Teacher's Guide will be delivered separately when it becomes available.   

Request a Sample 

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The Japan Math Difference 

With its visually approachable layout, scenarios based on real-life situations, and focus on teaching strong and versatile problem-solving skills, Japan Math’s Homeschool curriculum will put your child ahead of the game and spark a life-long passion for math.

Our program is unique from the start. Instead of having a large textbook or jam-packed workbook, our curriculum consists of two books – a Lesson Book and a Workbook. The Workbook provides ample practice space, and the Lesson Book allows for your learner to write down their explanations of how they solved the problems, eventually becoming a personalized journal of their math journey!

Unlike bulky, traditional classroom textbooks, our Workbook and Lesson Book are designed to be completed front-to-back.  Your learner will have completed every lesson in their workbook and lesson book by the time they complete their grade - no wasted space or skipping around between chapters here! Each lesson builds upon the last, which establishes a consistent program for your learner, and gives you back the time you would have spent creating a lesson plan.

The Japan Math method of "Try, Understand, Apply, and Master" is utterly unique.